‘LEGO Super Mario’ Lead Designer Jonathan Bennink on Evolving the LEGO Experience – Exclusive Interview

LEGO designer Jonathan Bennink takes us behind the scenes on LEGO Super Mario. He shares product origins and even gives us a hands on demo!


Is Alpha Omega More Than the Sum of its Parts?

A Brief Recap Coming off the end of Chaos and Ancient Evil, many were wondering what was in store for the final two maps for the Aether story. It’s no secret that Black Ops IIII had a rocky start (which has been covered in the Ancient Evil review), among the poorly received decisions and stability…

Does Ancient Evil Save Black Ops IIII Zombies?

With the announcement of Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII in May of 2018, fans of the Zombies mode eagerly awaited the return and potential finale of the Aether storyline. However, during the announcement of the long awaited title, co-studio head of Treyarch Jason Blundell revealed a brand new story to launch alongside the Aether…