James Mangold Reflects on Film Industry Mid-Quarantine – Exclusive Interview

Visionary director James Mangold sits down with us to reflect on the state of the theatrical experience. Find out how he chooses his stories.


‘Parasite’ Black & White Review – Just as Fantastic and Stylish with Added Elegance

While the miracle of color brought life to a predominantly colourless form of entertainment, black-and-white films were and have since been considered treasures. Such as filmmaker's going to extensive lengths to reimagine modern hits into such a template, like George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road) and Bong Joon Ho now. Today we still see black-and-white…

The 2020 Oscars: Where to Watch all the Nominated Films

The 92nd Academy Awards will air tomorrow, February 9th at 5pm Pacific Standard Time. For your consideration, we have compiled all of the nominated films, their nominations, and where you can watch them. Follow the DiscussingFilm Twitter to get the complete list of winners as they come in live tomorrow! Ford vs Ferarri (Le Mans…